Text Files in Excel : keep strings

Hi !

I have to convert text files so as they can be read properly by excel.
If there was no problem to indicate correctly cells (with tabulation)
and to represent numbers properly, it still remains one :
There are some numbers I would like to be treated as text, but excel
treats them as numbers (strange isn't it ?? ;D). I thought I had found
a solution by inserting a " before these numbers (like "1543074 for
example), but unhappily, Excel doesn't treat the tabs properly after
that and the solution is worse than the illness.

You will tell me that I just have to select the column and tells it
that it is text, but my boss doesn't want this solution ... :/

So, I don't know what to do, the only solution I found for the moment
is to add an inelegant ' which remains when opening the file.... (ex :

Has everyone any idea ??

PS : Excuse my English
gmooron (3)
8/5/2003 12:46:02 PM
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Well, my problem is now different. I found how to indicate that this
number is a string in my .txt : I must write =text(45342;0);
Anyway, there is a new problem, if my number begins with some 0s,
Excel automatically remove them ...

For example : =text(0041545;0) gives 41545 and when I edit the cell,
it is written =text(41545;0)

Is there any solutions ??
gmooron (3)
8/5/2003 6:41:23 PM
Well, I thank you, your first solution was the good one !! (=text ...)
And I couldn't use custom format because my boss doesn't want (I am
creating ascript to convert ext files to jscript for other users and
he doesn't want them to do that ... :-\)
Anyway, now, it is good !! :)

Dave Peterson <ec35720@msn.com> wrote in message news:<3F303A58.884E001E@msn.com>...
> I could write this formula:
>        =text(41545,"0000000")
> or     =text(41545;"0000000")
> to preserve the leading zeros (well up to 7 characters).
> But if you left them as numbers, you can just apply a custom format--select your
> range (whole column???) and do Format|Cells|Number Tab|Custom category and type:
> 0000000
> If you're importing this data into excel, you can apply that custom number
> format after you've imported it (and the good thing is that they're still
> numbers!).
> Or you could import your .Txt file and when you see the import wizard, choose
> text for that field.  But then the numerals are text--not really numbers.
> Gmooron wrote:
> > 
> > Well, my problem is now different. I found how to indicate that this
> > number is a string in my .txt : I must write =text(45342;0);
> > Anyway, there is a new problem, if my number begins with some 0s,
> > Excel automatically remove them ...
> > 
> > For example : =text(0041545;0) gives 41545 and when I edit the cell,
> > it is written =text(41545;0)
> > 
> > Is there any solutions ??
gmooron (3)
8/7/2003 7:04:38 PM

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