Taking numbers off a website and importing them into Excel? Possible?

I have no idea if this is possible, but please help if you have a

I need to get some data off of a website, particularly a certain set o
numbers from this website, and enter them into data in Excel.

Here is an example of the website I need:


There is a table near the top of the website which lists the tw

I need some way to automatically go to this website, find Syracuse, an
then cross reference that with two sets of numbers, AF and AA, whic
works out to be 20.0 and 25.7

I then need these numbers to be transported into certain cells i

Is this possible? I figure it would have to deal with some type o

If I can't do this in Excel, is there a way I can get another progra
to do the first part and then import the numbers into Excel?

I have absolutely no clue so please let me know if you have an
suggestions at all

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10/19/2004 5:07:16 AM
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Go to data
Import external data
New Web Query - This will bring up a window
Type in the addres
This will bring the website upin the window

There will be lots of yellow boxed arrows on screen, on the table yo
want where the heading says "IN Short" there are two yellow arrows o
top op each other, click the one that is on top that is partiall
showing (you can only just see the top of it) , it should turn gree
when you have selected it

Click on option on the top right of the window and select disable dat
recognition then OK, then click on import which will take you back t
excel and another little window

Click on properties and select refresh and change it to what ever yo
want , and click the tick off adjust column width then Click OK, The
click ok again this will  bring the table up on your excel sheet an
refresh everytime the website refreshes

Ive tried it and it works for m

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