Superscript Button and Subscript Button

I am trying to customize my toolbars, and I can't seem to find the 
superscript or subscript command.  Is there a way to make the superscript and 
subscript commands into a button in Excel?
Sloth (218)
8/11/2005 9:37:24 PM
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"=?Utf-8?B?U2xvdGg=?=" <> wrote in 

> I am trying to customize my toolbars, and I can't seem to find the 
> superscript or subscript command.  Is there a way to make the
> superscript and subscript commands into a button in Excel?

Record a macro for each and tie them to buttons.


It is I, DeauDeau
(Free after monsieur Leclerc in 'Allo, 'allo)
8/11/2005 11:36:09 PM
John Walkenbach has a helpful addin that you may like:

(Nothing built into excel that does it like MSWord.)

Sloth wrote:
> I am trying to customize my toolbars, and I can't seem to find the
> superscript or subscript command.  Is there a way to make the superscript and
> subscript commands into a button in Excel?


Dave Peterson
petersod (12004)
8/12/2005 12:58:32 AM

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