Sumif - multiple criteria

If this is a sample of my spreadsheet, how do I calculate so that the results 
will look at both col A and B and sum the total in col C for each variable in 
col. A.  In other words what is the total amount for A for Jan, Mar... 

Col A         Col B       Col C         Col D
a	Mar	 254 	 850 
a	Jan	 266 	 125 
c	Feb	 987 	 121 
c	Jan	 885 	 151 
a	Mar	 352 	 850 
b	Jan	 558 	 454 

Anat (19)
7/13/2005 11:41:02 PM
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A pivot table would give you the desired results.

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"Anat" <> wrote in message
> If this is a sample of my spreadsheet, how do I calculate so that the 
> results
> will look at both col A and B and sum the total in col C for each variable 
> in
> col. A.  In other words what is the total amount for A for Jan, Mar...
> Col A         Col B       Col C         Col D
> a Mar 254 850
> a Jan 266 125
> c Feb 987 121
> c Jan 885 151
> a Mar 352 850
> b Jan 558 454
> Thanks,
> Anat 

dlongwth (59)
7/14/2005 2:01:40 AM

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