Sumif Function #2

Here is my formula:

Is there any way to have add a second criteria for the 
sumif to function with?
7/21/2003 7:46:42 PM
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Thanks for the help this is gonna work great.
>-----Original Message-----
>This seems to work.
>First change your formula to
>make sure everything is still okay at this point.
>Then add  second condition
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>    Bob Phillips
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>"Josh" <> wrote in message
>> Here is my formula:
>> =IF(E2<>E1,(SUMIF($E$2:$E$1000,E2,$BU$2:$BU$1000)+SUMIF
>> ($E$2:$E$1000,E2,$CD$2:$CD$1000)+SUMIF
>> ($E$2:$E$1000,E2,$DA$2:$DA$1000)),0)
>> Is there any way to have add a second criteria for the
>> sumif to function with?
7/22/2003 7:12:54 PM

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