Sorting Question #9

I have two columns of data that I want to match up. The 
problem is that one of the columns has less data than the 
other. I want the cells to line up when they equal the 
same number. Some of the cells will not have an equal 
though. I know that I can sort both columns, but the data 
will not line up because one of the columns has less data 
than the other. I can do an insert to push the data down 
so that it lines up, but that is time consuming.

Thank you.
anonymous (74719)
4/7/2005 2:29:03 PM
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Here's one solution: a list of numbers- I used 1 thru 10- in A1:A10.  A
second, shorter list of numbers in C1:C3.  I wrote the following
formula in E1 and copied it thru E10:
This does not require the lists to be sorted.

Will that do it for you?

CycleZen (674)
4/7/2005 3:57:38 PM

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