Sending Word Attachment Using a Macro

I am using a Macro to email several addresses at once. The problem is that 
the file i want to send is in word and it is too complicated to recreate in 
excel. What is the VBA code to do this (if there is one). I know the exact 
location of the file on my pc, i just dont know how to tell VBA where it is.

Any help would be really appreciated


10/31/2005 2:11:06 PM
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Hi Andy

If you use Outlook then see the outlook object model examples on my site

Regards Ron de Bruin

"Andy@HycoMan" <> wrote in message
>I am using a Macro to email several addresses at once. The problem is that
> the file i want to send is in word and it is too complicated to recreate in
> excel. What is the VBA code to do this (if there is one). I know the exact
> location of the file on my pc, i just dont know how to tell VBA where it is.
> Any help would be really appreciated
> Thanks
> Andy 

rondebruin (3790)
10/31/2005 3:58:15 PM

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