Saving custom toolbars with macros to work on other computers

I have created a series of Macros in excel, and have alocated them to a 
custom toolbar I have made.  Is there a way which I can save the toolbar and 
macros with the excel spreadsheet, so tht the whole set-up can be used on a 
seperate computer?
jpw48 (1)
9/1/2005 10:42:01 AM
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Macros are always saved with the workbook that they are in.  To attach a 
toolbar to that workbook you use View, Toolbars, Customize and click the 
Attach button on the Toolbars tab.  Then Save the workbook.

That's the easy way but it has some drawbacks.  If you make a change to the 
toolbar (like adding a new button) you must remember to re-attach the 
toolbar to the workbook.  Making such a change and saving the workbook is 
not enough, you must Attach again (when you change the toolbar, not the 
code).  Also, if you send someone the workbook he will see your toolbar when 
he opens the workbook.  But then that toolbar will become part of his 
toolbar set, with or without your workbook.  If he deleted your workbook the 
toolbar would still be there and he'd get an error if he used it.  Another 
problem is that if you modify the toolbar, reattached it to the workbook and 
send the workbook to a current user, when he opens it he will still see the 
old toolbar. This is because he already has a toolbar with the same name 
(your old one) and the old one blocks the new one.  Before he opens your 
workbook he has to delete the old toolbar manually.  To make that 
unnecessary you should add an auto_close macro to your workbook that deletes 
the toolbar, so that the toolbar is never saved with the user's toolbar set.

To avoid all these issues the pros do not attach toolbars to workbooks. 
Instead they build the toolbar with VBA code that's executed when the 
workbook opens.  That's a subject that goes beyond the scope of this 

"jpw48" <> wrote in message
| Hi
| I have created a series of Macros in excel, and have alocated them to a
| custom toolbar I have made.  Is there a way which I can save the toolbar 
| macros with the excel spreadsheet, so tht the whole set-up can be used on 
| seperate computer? 

jrrech (1933)
9/1/2005 12:06:51 PM
Just to add to Jim's reply.

Here's how I create that toolbar on the fly:

If you want to add items to the worksheet menu bar, you can use John
Walkenbach's menumaker:

jpw48 wrote:
> Hi
> I have created a series of Macros in excel, and have alocated them to a
> custom toolbar I have made.  Is there a way which I can save the toolbar and
> macros with the excel spreadsheet, so tht the whole set-up can be used on a
> seperate computer?


Dave Peterson
petersod (12004)
9/1/2005 12:43:08 PM

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