Revised data fails to be used by formulas

I have a spreadsheet doesnt re-calculate the formulas when 
data is changed. It reacts as if I had not selected to F9 
or auto to calculate. I have tried changing the 
calculation option between manual and auto but neither 
selection works. Manual calculation doesnt work either. 
The only way to have the formula work is to select each 
cell as if to edit and push enter.

Several people in my office have started having the same 
problem but only on some workbooks. We all use Excel 2002 
and work on a LAN.

Any Ideas?
rholbrook (1)
5/14/2004 10:24:19 PM
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Were your values pasted in? Often that results in values which are 
entered as Text, so some functions (e.g., SUM(), AVERAGE()) ignore them.

Try copying an empty cell, selecting your values and choose Edit/Paste 
Special, and select the Values and Add radio buttons. This will coerce 
any text "numbers" to numeric.

In article <d52e01c43a02$33249e80$a501280a@phx.gbl>,
 "Richard Holbrook" <> wrote:

> I have a spreadsheet doesnt re-calculate the formulas when 
> data is changed. It reacts as if I had not selected to F9 
> or auto to calculate. I have tried changing the 
> calculation option between manual and auto but neither 
> selection works. Manual calculation doesnt work either. 
> The only way to have the formula work is to select each 
> cell as if to edit and push enter.
> Several people in my office have started having the same 
> problem but only on some workbooks. We all use Excel 2002 
> and work on a LAN.
> Any Ideas?
jemcgimpsey (6723)
5/14/2004 11:53:25 PM

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