Reflecting info between an excel file and a word one or two excel file.

I have an Excel file that I use as a database with the dates of the
time when my company does the maintenance of our electronics tools (we
work in an industry that uses them a lot, we have around 200 in an
Excel file).

So the documents look as follows (the images are copied and edited in
paint, that's why they look kinda weird). They are next to each
other; I divided it here in order to fit it to word's format (it's
in Spanish, there's no need for you to understand what it says

Go to file.jpg please and see it.

We do the maintenance of our equipment (each one with a code like
PT-01) and we change the date of the next maintenance. "Ultima"
means the last maintenance and "Proxima", the next one.
After we change these dates, we need to go to another file that is on
Word (that I could migrate to Excel if there's need to do it) and we
need to enter some info there. We do this manually now.
Let me show it for you. The document is larger than this, I'm just
posting the last section only, with the info we need to change:

Go to file.jpg and see it please.

So we enter the info on the next blank line about the maintenance that
was just done.

On the "Fecha" (date) we write the date of the current maintenance,
the one we just did.
On "descripci=F3n" if it was a "Verificaci=F3n" or a
"Calibraci=F3n" (two different kinds of maintenance, not all the
items need them both).
On result, if it was OK or not, I want to leave it blank on the
automated system anyway because we always need to write it in hand.
On "pr=F3xima - calib or verif" is the date of the next
"Verificaci=F3n" or  "Calibraci=F3n".
That I need to be written automatically. If there's only one type of
test being done, I need the other one to get a "-" sign.
In "realiz=F3" goes who did the work; we are going to write that by

So what I require is some automated way of inserting in the second file
(currently in Word, if it needs to be changed to Excel, that can be
done) the info that was written to the first one.
Let's say I do a "calibraci=F3n" (one of the two possible types of
maintenance) and change the dates on the first file, I need it to be
reflected automatically on the second file, by inserting the info on
the next empty line.
The info I need to be inserted automatically is the one corresponding
to the "Fecha" (current date), description (saying if it was either
a verificacion or a calibracion) and the date of the next maintenance.
I used a color system to show you the info that needs to be connected
between both files. The system should identify if it was a verificacion
or calibracion automatically.

Thanks a lot for reading all this, I know this a big favour I'm
asking for and I'm greatly thankful.

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