recover damaged excel file

I have a workbook creater with Excel 2000 just a few days ago but there's no 
way to open it. Coud anyone give me any suggestion?
3/12/2010 2:21:01 PM
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what message do you get?, ask your IT department usually they backup all the 
files, did you send the file to somebody?

"Nora_Italy" wrote:

> I have a workbook creater with Excel 2000 just a few days ago but there's no 
> way to open it. Coud anyone give me any suggestion?
3/12/2010 2:25:01 PM
Thank you Eduardo.

I don't get any error message, the file just doesn't open. Unfortunatately 
we backup files only once a month and I created this one just a few days ago.

"Eduardo" wrote:

> Hi,
> what message do you get?, ask your IT department usually they backup all the 
> files, did you send the file to somebody?
> "Nora_Italy" wrote:
> > I have a workbook creater with Excel 2000 just a few days ago but there's no 
> > way to open it. Coud anyone give me any suggestion?
3/12/2010 2:33:02 PM

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