Quatro Pro to Excel?

Can a spreadsheet created in Quatro be downloaded to Excel?
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8/27/2004 4:41:01 PM
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AFAIK Excel can't open Quatro Pro files. you may save them in Quatro as
xls files

Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany

"ML" <ML@discussions.microsoft.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Can a spreadsheet created in Quatro be downloaded to Excel?
> --
> ML

frank.kabel (11126)
8/27/2004 5:09:30 PM
Can you go the other way?  I work with a company that uses Quatro Pro.  We 
need to exchange information.  They use Quatro Pro and I use Excel.  At this 
time, there is not much chance in either of us converting to what the other 
uses.  Will we be able to "share" back and forth or will I just be able to 
receive if they save as .xls but no "visa versa"

"ML" wrote:

> Can a spreadsheet created in Quatro be downloaded to Excel?
> -- 
> ML
ML (12)
8/27/2004 9:37:05 PM

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