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Inputting Source Data
I am creating a custom combination chart to display sales data. Bars along the x axis will display actaul sales figures and a line graph will dispay projected sales. I am new to this and am not sure how to enter the data. I have the data on a separate worksheet as you see below (but lined up better). If anyone has suggested regarding how to enter the data formula, I would appreciate it. Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total Actual 6 Projected 2,836 560 800 1,936 8,112 5,412 6,656 3,568 29,880 Thanks, Ali :) :confused: -- foredis -------------------------------------...

Help on averaging a list
Hi experts, This is for calculation of bowling averages. There is a variable length list of numbers in a row (score history of a bowler, new scores appended to the end). What are the functions to find: 1. the average of the last 21 numbers 2. Filter the scores that were above 150, then calculate the average of the last 21 of the filtered list Million thanks!! --- Posted via news:// Complaints to If your scores are in column A then: =AVERAGE(OFFSET(A1,MATCH(2,1/(A1:A65535<>0))-1,,-21)) This is an array formula and m...

Data archiving
Is there any way (or third party solution) to archive old unused records in CRM 3.0?? Thanks Accounts can be de-activated, Opps can be closed... What Entity are you looking to archive? "Fred Bang" wrote: > Is there any way (or third party solution) to archive old unused records in > CRM 3.0?? > > Thanks I would like to archive emails. We have millions now and is slowing down Activity searches, thanks for any solution you can provide. "" wrote: > Accounts can be de-activated, Opps can be closed... > What Entity are you looking ...

Data Validation #9
Hi Leo Sorry about all this confusion. If the user enters Y into A1 first, then they cannot enter Y into any of the other cells. However, if the user enters Y into either A2, A3, A4 or A5 first, then they cannot enter Y into A1. It is basically A1 or A2:A5. Is this any clearer. Thanking you in advance. Regards, Sue ###################### Hi Sue I don't think, I got an answer to my question. If e.g. X is entered in A1 (A2:A5 empty), and then Y is entered in e.g. A4, what will happen then? I mean Y in A4 should prevent anything from being entered in A1, but A1 allready has a va...

Please help me!
Like an idiot, I followed my husband's advice and signed into MSN Messenger through I didn't like it, and now I can't figure out how to get rid of it. It shows the link on Messenger while I'm signed out. Such a pest! Can you help me? I can't find any answers through Googling it. ... 2008 professional version question
I am basically new to 2008 working with the professional version. I have a solution to work with that has lots of projects in it with no documentation. I need to determine how this solution works. I know I would look in the properties to see what the startup project is. However after that, I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to determine how this application works in addition to stepping through code. Can you tell me how I should go about determing how this application works. ...

Annualizing data
I often compare sales data from the current year to the past year. When I do this, I take the YTD figures and annualize using a constant. Each time I go back I have to put in a new constant depending on the date. Is there any kind of equation that will take a figure and annualize it based on whatever day the file is open? -- Julie Yes, most likely: what is your formula? Please post it, and we can figure out how to make it dynamic for your application. Hi Julie How is your previous year's data held? If you have a collection of sales with all of their individual dates, then it w...

collect data via email
We're looking for solution to collect intake data from multiple agencies (not on network), and get into our (currently 2003) Access database. With 2007, the 'EMail data collect' facility - can that collect and insert multiple rows with 1 email - or each email/form processes only 1 row..? thanks! don You will send a mail asking the user either to update a certain row or add information to a new record. So in both situations you are tied to single row processing... Secondly you have two options to choose from. Plain html which will present the user with a html emai...

office 2003 professional
My e-mail locks up when i try to access an e-mail with an attachment. any takers??? thanks in advance! ...

I am looking for some additional information on balloon loans; and would like to create a spreadsheet to help me analyze offers relating to an automobile purchase. I found this excellent template linked below. After reviewing this Excel spreadsheet, it seems straight-forward, yet I still need help understanding the math portion of balloon loans. Basically, the template should help me analyze the dealer's offer; and their subsequent counter-offer. The dealer's offers is a balloon payment plan: $269 a month, 48 mon...

Can anyone one help??
Hi, I have a worksheet that contains (to make it simple) the folowin info: Customer date shop cost sam 23/11/2005 asda �23.50 john 16/11/2005 tesco �14.60 marc 12/11/2005 sainsburys �15.00 andy 14/11/2005 M & S �23.50 steve 12/11/2005 sainsburys �19.00 paul 14/11/2005 M & S �15.00 bill 23/11/2005 tesco �12.00 burt 16/11/2005 sa...

Houston Help
Quick question... Setup: 2 Exchange 2003 servers located in different sites (Austin and Houston) on a AD Native mode domain. With the strong change of Houston going down I've moved all my mailboxes to my Austin Exchange server. Currently the Houston server is the "master" and all smtp traffic goes out through Houston. My plan is to promote the Austin server (now holding all user mailboxes) to master and do a clean shut down of the Houston server. I've already notified my Internet providers to add a second MX record basically saying if Houston can not be found send m...

password for data files
I have Outlook 2007 and in this version it asks me for the passwords of my data files when I start the application (that is, 8 data files --> I have to enter 8 passwords). With Outlook 2003 I was asked for the data file passwords only when I tried to use each data folder. So if I used only one of the data files I have to enter only its passwords. Do you know how set up 2007 to behave as 2003? Exclude the other pst-files from being indexed; Tools-> Options-> button Search Options... -- Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook] Coauthor, Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003 http...

how to keep data labels in chart in 2007 from changing?
I have a line chart with two axis. I made the data labels at 65 degrees for both. One stays at 65 degrees the other to default. I change the default and save the file. Next time I open, it is back to default. How do I make it "stick" k Upgrade to Excel 2003. Bob "kojaks43" <> wrote in message >I have a line chart with two axis. I made the data labels at 65 degrees >for > both. > > One stays at 65 degrees the other to default. > > I change the...

Data Validation #19
I am trying to apply validation to a range of cells which must be both 12 characters in length as well as in upper case to be accepted. Can anyone help Please I assume you want *only* the uppercase characters A - Z. No numbers, no spaces, no punctuation characters. =AND(LEN(A1)=12,SUM(LEN(A1)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A1,CHAR(ROW(INDIRECT("65:90"))),"")))=LEN(A1)) -- Biff Microsoft Excel MVP "CTC" <> wrote in message >I am trying to apply validation to a range of cells...

Sorting Data and Formula help...
In cell E59 I have the date Monday, April 11. Underneath that in cells E60:E64 there are teams listed. Also in cells F60:F64 there are other teams listed. Then in cell H64 the date is Monday, April 11. Then there are teams in cells H65:H70 and I65:I70. Is there a way to have the teams in cells E60:E64 and H65:H70 put into cells B89:B99 and the teams in cells F60:F64 and I65:I70 into cells C89:C99? Also if the date could be put in cells A 89:A99 also? I could just email a copy of my file if that would be easier. Thanks for the help. If you do actually mean "put" as i...

Help my family get out of debt
Sometimes life can be rough and unforgiving. The debt I acquired, over the years, began with simply signing a year lease with a co-worker. I was new to the town, he seemed like an honest guy, so I believed it would be a good idea....Wrong. Within less than 3 months he descided to not pay his half of the rent, as agreed upon, and skip off to California leaving me with rent that was 2 times what I made. Eventually, I was evicted, and now I have a $15,000 ding on my credit report. Couple that with a new child and the costs that are accrued with a birth, and you're looking at a seemingly h...

SBE to Professional
We are considering moving from Small Business 3.0 to Professional 3.0. Is this just a matter of entering new registartion keys or do we need to install Professional? On Jul 25, 2:21 pm, DIRISH74 <> wrote: > We are considering moving from Small Business 3.0 to Professional > 3.0. > > Is this just a matter of entering new registartion keys or do we need > to install Professional? With SBS, it acts as the AD, SQL, and Exchange. When going to professional do you plan on setting up a new AD, or are you using the existing Active Directory? It is not best pr...

Move Data Series Manually
Hi I have a combination graph: stacked column and line graph Stacked Column: Number of Points Compliant Number of Points Non-Comliant Line: YTD % Compliant Monthly % Comliant. With the line YTD % Compliant I have on the secondary axis (which is fine) The Monthly % Compliant I have removed the line and am using the Markers... How do I Move the Monthly % to the top of the graph (above the Stacked columns) regardless of the value. ie I dont want it associated with an axis. Many thanks Tracey All series in a chart need to be associated with a series. What do you mean, you're tr...

Collecting data...!
Hi, can you explain me how can I do a service that collects some data when turns the day..? Example: today is day 13, when it'll be 2010-07-14 00:00:00 some mechanism must collect data from a source: a COM+ dll that when instanciated suppling the parameters like start date/time and end date/Time can bring the recordset and it must go to a SQL server table... Can it be done only on MSSQL 2000 ...? or should I use some programming language: .net + C# ...? Can you help me? Any example will be apreciated... Thank you ...

Payroll Data Encryption
Is there a product out there that allows encryption of payroll tables so that IT administrators with sa password access cannot see the payroll information? ...

Please Help!! I am SOOO confused about how to type in the correct "formula" for a VLookup. Anyone that can help - I thank you dearly in advance!!! Here's my situation: I have two worksheets, and need to import the price for about 3500 items from one of the worksheets into the other. It is my understanding that a VLOOKUP will do the job for me, but I just can't get this to work, and have managed to confuse myself to no end!!!! Here's what I have so far: DOCUMENT #1 Column A = Item Number (is already filled in column A) Column B = Cost (is blank in this ...

Data File Did Not Close Properly
I have suddenly started receiving the following message when I open Outlook 2007 : "A data file did not close properly the last time it was used and is being checked for problems. Performance might be affected while the check is in progress." A few minutes later I get a message "data file check complete". What does this mean, and is there anything that can be done about it ? Do you close Outlook before you shut down or reboot the computer? -- Bill R MVP "Jan Groshan" <> wrote in message news:ozqvi.327$

Pivot table: Changing location of Excel data source?
I have some pivot tables that currently pull their data from another tab within the workbook. I want to separate the data worksheet from the report worksheets, thus the data worksheet would exist by itself in a separate workbook. I need to have the current pivot tables point to the new workbook!worksheet for their data. Here's the catch: The pivots tables currently use a dynamic Name for their data range. Help! Toby Erkson Toby Not got workbooks to test with but try this. Name a range in you new workbook, save and close. Go to your currently pivot table and from the Pivot tabl...

Help with fomula & calculations
I am trying to duplicat a paper form used in my work. It involves tracking sales, adding them and calculating commissions. Let me try to put this briefly. A customer may purchase ads in multiple books. My problem is figuring out how to make the spreadsheet 1) determine that there is multiple book sales 2) calculate all of them into one total field 3) how to place them on the sheet to work 4) and how to lay it out to make it all work if there is not multiple sales. Make sense? Later when printing the "report" actual for to turn in, I will need to not show some of the "ext...