Printing the last column on every page printed.

I want to be able to print the last column of my spreadsheet (Total column) 
on every page that is printed from this workbook.  How can I do this?  I'm 

Thanks for your help! 
2/4/2005 7:03:05 PM
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Are all the last columns in the same location (column X for example)?

If yes, you could group all the sheets (click on the first, ctrl-click on
then select column X

File|print|Select (bottom left corner)

Do a preview first.

But this prints each worksheet (column) on a different sheet.

You could have a macro that built a new worksheet and just copy|pastes values|
that last column into consecutive columns (A, B, C for each worksheet).  Then
print that.  Heck you could even record a macro when you did it manually and
you'd be set.

You could create a new worksheet
then loop through each "total" worksheet and 
select the column
back to the new worksheet
Shift-Edit|paste picture link

And butt each picture next to the previous picture.

By pasting the picture as a link, these pictures will update when your
data/subtotals change.

naiveprogrammer wrote:
> I want to be able to print the last column of my spreadsheet (Total column)
> on every page that is printed from this workbook.  How can I do this?  I'm
> stumped...
> Thanks for your help!


Dave Peterson
ec357201 (5290)
2/4/2005 11:16:43 PM

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