Print a list of my worksheets?

I have a spreadsheet with about 30 worksheets. Is there a way in which I can 
print out a list of the worksheet names?
davel (19)
11/18/2004 11:24:01 AM
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"DaveL" wrote:

> I have a spreadsheet with about 30 worksheets. Is there a way in which I can 
> print out a list of the worksheet names?
frank.kabel (11126)
11/18/2004 11:33:02 AM
Very many thanks.

"Frank Kabel" wrote:

> Hi
> see:
> "DaveL" wrote:
> > I have a spreadsheet with about 30 worksheets. Is there a way in which I can 
> > print out a list of the worksheet names?
davel (19)
11/18/2004 12:03:02 PM

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