PivotTable Question - Repost - Need help


I'm using Excel 2000.  

I've created some pivot tables for reporting purposes.  I 
intend to use them to replace old fashioned charts and 
tables that are manually keyed summary data.  

I need to keep the transition to the new spreadsheet as 
unobtrustive as possible for my less technical users, so 
that they have the same charts that they're used to.  

The problem with that is, I need to create seven charts.  
I want to use the same pivot table (which pulls data from 
Access) for each chart, but I want each chart to have 
different categories, page fields, series, etc.  Sometimes 
my data is grouped by week, and other times by month.

Right now I have a seperate pivot table for each chart 
that I need, which is obviously redundant.  Is there a way 
to make the modifications in pivotcharts not change the 
layout of the source pivottable?  Or are there any other 

Debra presented the solution of having a macro iterate 
through the different charts I need, printing each one.  I 
like the idea, but most of my users don't print the chart, 
they just look at it.  But I need them to be able to see 
four or five charts a time in seperate worksheets.

Perhaps...In the Worksheet_Active Event I could 
dynamically change the pivottable and the chart would be 
affected accordingly!  Well, I may have figured out the 
solution while I posted this, but is there a hidden 
property, registry key, existing module or anything out 
there that will prevent a pivot chart/table referencing 
another pivottable from changing the source layout when 
the target is changed?

Thank you.


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2/16/2004 1:49:55 PM
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