Paste Values not working in Excel 2003 (?)

Using Excel 2003 with Win xp Pro

I copy a range of cels, then I choose EDIT > PASTE SPECIAL > VALUES and it
does NOT paste ALL the cel contentent... It does paste all the cels, but
only the first 3 lines of each cel's content.

Is there any limitation in the number of characters ?


casa (25)
10/21/2003 2:05:22 PM
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This is not the exact problem you describe, put perhaps it's related:

XL2000: "255 Characters in Cell" Error When Copying Worksheet, at:;en-us;213548

-Frank Isaacs
Dolphin Technology Corp.

"Alexander Schek" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> Using Excel 2003 with Win xp Pro
> I copy a range of cels, then I choose EDIT > PASTE SPECIAL > VALUES and it
> does NOT paste ALL the cel contentent... It does paste all the cels, but
> only the first 3 lines of each cel's content.
> Is there any limitation in the number of characters ?
> Thanks
> ALex

frank8273 (76)
10/21/2003 2:45:08 PM

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