Out of Memory Error, Error Handling!


Note1: I currently have a macro that accesses thousands of 
rows of data in a particular worksheet of the same 
workbook & generates a summary. Hence, i want to check if 
there is sufficient memory space (that the m/c would not 
hang) and then continue to the next line of code. I am 
checking for "err.number <> 0" at specific points to 
determine if it is ok to continue and also 
using "application.cutcopymode = false" where ever 
applicable. Have i missed out on anything? Is there a 
specific error number for "out of memory" or something ?
Further, i am not sure whether the control would still be 
in execution when an "out of memory" or some other runtime 
error occurs.
Note2: Most m/c here are with 128 MB RAM. Virtual Memory & 
File System are both 32-bit with no customization. System 
Resources and CPU utilization is what varies (and which i 
think i shud check so that the m/c does not hang due to 
the macro!)

With the above note in mind, i would be grateful for any 
help on error handling. Would also appreciate if you could 
specifically help on "How to check from the VBA code if my 
system has enough memory to continue execution" as this is 
the main concern i have right now.

Thank You in advance for your help and patience.

anonymous (74721)
11/4/2003 6:58:04 AM
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