Operating fill handle and moving entire cells with keyboard

Is there any way of operating the fill handle or moving
entire cells/range of cells with the keyboard rather than
using the mouse (drag and drop).

Thanks, Tom.
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2/26/2004 4:15:10 PM
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Copy or Cut

Select range Select top left corner of range. 
Hold Shift & press End, Arrow down or right.

Copy:= Ctrl + C
Cut:= Ctl + X
Paste Ctl + V

To Fill Down or Right

Ctrl + D or ctrl + r

Use Excel Help and search for keyboard shortcuts for a 
complete List.


>-----Original Message-----
>Is there any way of operating the fill handle or moving
>entire cells/range of cells with the keyboard rather than
>using the mouse (drag and drop).
>Thanks, Tom.
2/26/2004 4:36:27 PM
Try This:

Say Cell A1 to A10 is your data which you move to corresponding Cell B
to B10. 

Select Cell A1 to A10 using keyboard itself by this==>  go to cell A
and Press ctrl+shft+down arrow . If all the cell from A1 to A10 ar
filled, then all cells shall be automatically selected. press ctrl X 
this is to cut the cells) go to cell B1  and press Ctrl+V or simpl
press <enter> key. 

Hope this works.



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2/26/2004 4:41:33 PM

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