ODBC Driver For Paradox 7.0

Hi, using Excel 2002. I want to get external data from a 
paradox 7.0 table. Trying to setup an ODBC connection it 
only lists paradox versions up to v5.0

Does Excel 2002 include ODBC support for paradox 7.0, I 
was on a training course yesterday and they assured me 
that it does.

Hope someone can help.

anonymous (74722)
4/23/2004 10:10:43 AM
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Following is from http://www.thedbcommunity.com/faq/3.htm

Looks like v7 drivers are a separate purchase.


3.4 How do I use Paradox tables without Paradox?

There are two ways to take this question.

A) You want to use Paradox tables in OTHER applications,
probably through ODBC, and you want to know where are the
ODBC drivers.

Microsoft's MDAC drivers (http://www.microsoft.com/data) can
handle versions 5 or lower, and they�re free. Borland�s
Delphi, Visual dBase, C++Builder, and J++Builder can all use
the BDE and thus access Paradox tables natively.

You can purchase the ODBC drivers from Intersolv
(http://www.intersolv.com) for Paradox versions 7, 8, and 9.

The Intersolv ODBC drivers are included on the Corel Paradox
8 and 9 CD's. However, read the user license before you
distribute them !

InterSolv driver 3.00.000 comes with WordPerfect Office 8,
and is a limited-functionality version. 3.00.005 is packaged
with Paradox 8; 3.11.000 with Paradox 9.

Paradox 9 comes with a JDBC driver

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4/23/2004 11:32:08 AM

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