Numeric reference of column. Data Grab ?

I have one column A with sites names and next 33 columns with site

In each line i put an "x" mark at the proper column(category) that the
site belongs

I want to put a column in the column beside site's name and receive the
description of each category

The description of each category is the heading of each column ( row 1

vlookup or hlookup didn't work. I used match MATCH("x";B2:AH2;FALSE)
and i got the column where the x is located in numeric format

Can you suggest a solution to this ?


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1/4/2006 9:19:09 PM
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1/4/2006 10:08:55 PM

I think this will work


But it looks like PinMaster beat me to it


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1/4/2006 10:21:42 PM
pinmaster & ShaunM thanks. Your solution worked perfectly

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1/4/2006 11:26:23 PM

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