Number of copies when printing

Can anybody help...?

We are currently printing off a form that has been duplicated many
times to obtain answers to many questions in a way of collecting
clients requirements.

The problem is that whenever we print the form with the answers, the
default setting is 10 copies.

This is not the default setting on the printer and all other documents
from word, outlook etc, print just one copy. Is there a setting
somewhere within the excel file that is forcing the 10 copies...?

We did not generate the form originally and the company who did are
unable to answer our question.

Any help would be appreciated


Ian James
I-James (3)
2/2/2004 2:42:43 PM
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Open the file, open the vb editor(alt f11), click edit menu, find and search
for    copies

If you find something like       copies := 10          then replace it with
copies := 1



KenMacksey (98)
2/2/2004 3:41:47 PM

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