Nested vlookup

My formula is:


The formula looks up the value in  "$W..."and returns the amount of orders. 
I alwayshave values for the first part of the lookup, but niot the second.

THe issue is that if there nothing to report back for the second lookup, it 
gives me an "#NA" errror instead of at least returning the value for the 
first lookup.

Any help?

tojo107 (21)
8/10/2005 8:42:02 PM
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Wrap both Lookups in their own ISNA() wrapper to trap for that error:-


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"tojo107" <> wrote in message
> My formula is:
> =((VLOOKUP($W$5181,Download!$A$1:$X$3403,3,FALSE))+(VLOOKUP($W$5182,Download!$A$1:$X$3403,3,FALSE)))*0.001
> The formula looks up the value in  "$W..."and returns the amount of 
> orders.
> I alwayshave values for the first part of the lookup, but niot the second.
> THe issue is that if there nothing to report back for the second lookup, 
> it
> gives me an "#NA" errror instead of at least returning the value for the
> first lookup.
> Any help?
> Thanks,
> TJ 

ken.wright (2489)
8/10/2005 10:06:32 PM

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