Need help with this problem


I need a hand with the following problem as I have not used Excel fo
quite a while.

--------There are 4 categories of goods - A,B,C,D
--------Each category has 100 goods/supplies that range in price fro
$4.00 -$26.00(cents are inclusive: ie - one particular item in categor
A costs $15.41)
--------A certain # of goods must be chosen from each category a
A - 3
B - 4
C - 3


A buyer must select the exact number of goods required from eac
category and
the total cost of all 11 chosen goods cannot exceed $100.00 nor can i
be below $99.00.

So is there a way to get excel to do this and display what goods wer
I also figure that there will be more than one set of 11 goods that ca
fit the answer,(maybe 100s of answers) so is there also a way of showin
all possible combinations?

Thanks in advance to all of you who respond my email i

And before you ask.  I am not in Algebra class trying to get othe
people to do my homework

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8/9/2005 1:26:39 PM
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