Multiple file handling, updates and closing...

I have an application I inherited that's programmed in 
Excel VBA (not my idea - over 5K lines of code) that has 
an update function and a file copy function. I consider 
myself rather astute and well-versed in VBA, but am a 
little rusty - but only a little. Anyway, I have a problem 
pulling what little hair I have left out.

Update function Theory: The update function checks for a 
specifically named xls file, opens the workbook if exists, 
makes this active, copies a module to a .bas file, 
activates original workbook, closes previous workbook, 
imports module from .bas file, kills .bas file, runs code 
in module, removes module, and goes on with rest of code. 
This update function is the first thing that happens upon 
the workbook getting opened.

File Copy Theory: A value in a cell determines if current 
file is one that has been opened since being deployed to 
end-users. If not opened before, open end-user's XLS file 
(filename is known and expected to be in same path as 
current workbook). [I notice that there is no 
workbook.activate call after the it was in 
Update function] Then, two sheets are copied from the 
user's workbook to the new workbook. The users workbook is 
then renamed with an extension change to '.TMP' using 
the 'saveas' workbook function and then workbook.close 
(this close occurs BEFORE workbook running this code is 
activated). The new workbook is activated & renamed as the 
user's original workbook using workbook.saveas then the 
original filename is killed....

Problem - once everything happens as expected - there 
seems to be residual copies in memory of the user's 
original and the new file where things do not behave as 
expected - forms displaying information where there should 
be nothing, etc.

Is there a method to ensure a working file that is saved 
as a renamed file and the previous filename killed while 
the routine calling the kill is from the file being 
killed - even though the saveas renamed and activated the 
new file as the active file - sounds confusing??? (hmmm... 
perhaps opening and activating the saveas file 
explicitly?) Is there a way of ensuring memory of all 
unwanted previously opened and now closed and killed 
workbooks are purged? Curiously, I have found that double-
clicking the .TMP file will open Excel - even though there 
is no association of .TMP to Excel. If I reboot, then 
double-click on the .TMP file, Excel does not open and I 
get the expected "Open with..." dialog.

Antone else have a similar experience? Is there a simpler 
solution? (code available if requested - I wanted to keep 
this question brief at first...)



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8/8/2003 8:06:18 PM
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