Mathmatical formula help needed

Does anyone know how to write a formula to convert time card punche
into payroll friendly numbers?  I dont need to figure out how man
hours an employee has worked, that is already done.  I just need t
convert the time worked to a number usable by payroll.  I will b
dealing with numbers like 27.48 that need to be rounded to the neares
thenth of an hour.  I have found lots of charts that show what to roun
to at what times, but I dont want to use Vlookup for this.  Is there 
simple formula for this?

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1/23/2004 4:33:59 AM
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Hi Kingtriton,

Use the ROUND function:

=ROUND(27.48,1) returns 27.5


>-----Original Message-----
>Does anyone know how to write a formula to convert time 
card punches
>into payroll friendly numbers?  I dont need to figure out 
how many
>hours an employee has worked, that is already done.  I 
just need to
>convert the time worked to a number usable by payroll.  I 
will be
>dealing with numbers like 27.48 that need to be rounded 
to the nearest
>thenth of an hour.  I have found lots of charts that show 
what to round
>to at what times, but I dont want to use Vlookup for 
this.  Is there a
>simple formula for this?
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biffinpitt (3172)
1/23/2004 4:49:09 AM

If you could send some examples about what is the original figure and
what it should look like, this would be much easier.

To round a number to its nearest tenth, you can use

=ROUND(27.48,1)  in newer excels (2k, xp and 2003 I think)


=INT(27.48*10+0.5)/10   which should work in all excel version.

- Asser

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1/23/2004 9:26:54 AM

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