Matching call data based on date, time and number called to give c

I have the following two tables on different sheets, both containing other 
information within them that is irrelevant in my question.

Date             - Time        - Number Called    Duration       Cost
01/02/10      09:05:21     01234123456        02:16           0.50

Date            - Time         Number Called - Duration    Extension 
01/02/10      09:07:56     01234123456        02:15           1234
01/02/10      15:30:45     01234123456        01:59           1234


What I am trying to do is add another column on sheet 2, to match that 
specific call to the one in Sheet 1 and provide me the cost charged from 
Sheet 1.  My other problem is that although the date and number dialled are 
equal the times and durations are slightly adrift (no more than 4 minutes).

Think I need an if and a vlookup but can anybody assist

Thank you

2/19/2010 7:58:01 PM
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Interesting. A VLOOKUP based solution might work but I'm not sure I 
altogether understand the problem:

If there are a lot more entries in Sheet2 than there are in Sheet1, can 
multiple entries on Sheet 2 match a single entry in Sheet 1? If so, does the 
spreadsheet need to count how many entries on Sheet 2 match the same entry on 
Sheet 1 and divide up the cost among them?

Or do some of the entries on Sheet 2 not match any entry on Sheet 1? If so, 
what’s the rule to determine that there’s no match? Can’t find any entry in 
Sheet 1 within 4 minutes of the time on Sheet 2?

Can calls be closer together than the time skew so that the following 
situation is possible?

Date             - Time        - Number Called    Duration       Cost
01/02/10      09:05:21     01234123456        02:16           0.50
01/02/10      09:05:24     01234123456        02:16           0.50

Date            - Time         Number Called - Duration    Extension 
01/02/10      09:05:23     01234123456        02:15           1234

If so, what would be the rule to decide whether the entry on sheet 2 matches 
the first or second entry on sheet 1?
2/22/2010 9:26:18 PM

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