Mail merge to word #2

I have a sheet with 246 columns with a header row and one row of data. 
Each field contains text data varying in length.  Some fields are
empty.   I have trued to merge directly to Word but get the error
"can't open the data source".  When I save the sheet to a txt file and
merge to word it prompts me that record 16 is empty and each subsequent
record is empty up to record number 245 (which necessitates hitting
Enter for each record) and inserts a paragraph mark for each empty
field.  I have tried umpteeen ways of saving the data and creating the
merge with no improvement.  
Firstly why is Word trying to print non existent records?
and secondly why is Word printing blank lines for each empty field.?
("Don't print blank lines when data fields are empty" option is
I realise that this is problem involves Word but maybe the source data
in Excel can solve this issue.  Any thoughts ????

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6/10/2005 12:32:46 AM
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