Macro to edit details

Hi, i am currently trying to create a macro regarding editing staf
details on a worksheet.......

therefore i recorded a macro and named it editstafflist, i highlighte
my headings...and then went to 'data > form'  and then had to close th
form and then stop my macro. It wouldnt allow me to stop my macr
whilst the dialogue box was open. Anyways after stopping the macro 
drew out a button and assigned this 'editstafflist' macro to it. 
saved my sheet and then clicked on the button, but a error '1004' kep
occuring, can anyone please help me on this as i am rather stuck

....basically all i need is a macro, so that everytime it is clicked 
data form would show, so that it allows a user to edit, delete, o
allow the user to enter a new employee.. regards

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4/20/2004 11:23:09 PM
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Hi!  offers a mor
sophisticated form than the built-in Data>Form (which won't let yo
automate it by recording a macro).

Otherwise, I guess you are into creating your own form (Alt+F11
Insert>UserForm) populated with the labels, textboxes and controls yo
need to do your editing. Then there's the code to get the data from th
form to your database. 


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4/21/2004 8:28:47 PM

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