Macro does not run when data refreshed

I set up a worksheet at work that queries our lab 
information system for incomplete high priority orders. 
The results of the query are display in order by age, 
oldest to newest. The Data Range Properties is set to 
refresh the data every 2 minutes and overwrite existing 
cells with new data and clear unused cells.

After new data is imported there is a Visual Basic macro 
that compares the time of each order to the current PC 
time and changes the color of the text from green to 
yellow to red as the order ages. All of the works great.

I've recently duplicated this worksheet at a second 
hospital lab and at that site the query works fine and the 
macro works as expected when it's run manually. However 
the macro does not run automatically when the data is 

The only difference I can find between the two worksheets 
is on File->Properties->Contents. The worksheet that works 
as expected (macro runs whenever data is refreshed) shows 
the Contents as:
  Named Range
           Query from MSQLLAB
The worksheet that does not run the macro when the data is 
updated does not have the Named range.

What is causing the second worksheet not to recognize the 
refresh of the data as a change in the worksheet? Both 
worksheet have security set to low and niether PC is run 
virus protection software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


lehman1 (1)
1/16/2005 7:31:42 PM
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