Long Text Strings Not Showing In Adjacent Cells

Under macro control, I copy a list of text strings from one worksheet to
another. The text strings are long. In the target cells, text is
showing only in the target cell. I'd like to have it flow into adjacent
cells as well since nothing is there. The format cells options don't
seem to have an effect.

How do I get the entire text strings to show without visiting each cell
in the worksheet?


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10/27/2003 4:51:59 PM
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Clear the contents of the adjacent cells (?)


texdavek <texdavek.vyw1n@excelforum-nospam.com> wrote in message news:<texdavek.vyw1n@excelforum-nospam.com>...
> Under macro control, I copy a list of text strings from one worksheet to
> another. The text strings are long. In the target cells, text is
> showing only in the target cell. I'd like to have it flow into adjacent
> cells as well since nothing is there. The format cells options don't
> seem to have an effect.
> How do I get the entire text strings to show without visiting each cell
> in the worksheet?
> Thanks.
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Brian.anon (77)
10/27/2003 9:36:48 PM

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