Linking checkboxes to multiple worksheets

How do you link a checkbox from one worksheet to multiple worksheets
within the same workbook?

The checkboxes were made from the control toolbar.

I am new to visual basic and was able to connect multiple checkboxes
within the same work sheet using  a simple value command but now I
need to link it to other sheets.

Please help!

8/18/2004 8:14:04 PM
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Why not just link the checkbox to a cell on a single worksheet and then use a
formula on the other sheets that refers to that linked cell?

If you go into design mode (an icon also on the Control Toolbox toolbar), you
can rightclick on the checkbox and select properties.

Look for a linked cell and give it the cell's address that you want to use.

vegasdude123 wrote:
> How do you link a checkbox from one worksheet to multiple worksheets
> within the same workbook?
> The checkboxes were made from the control toolbar.
> I am new to visual basic and was able to connect multiple checkboxes
> within the same work sheet using  a simple value command but now I
> need to link it to other sheets.
> Please help!


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
8/18/2004 9:16:53 PM
The linked cell is probably more versatile, however as far a
referencing goes.  This can work to link check boxes, or anything els
for that matter.

Example code in sheet 1:

Private Sub CheckBox1_Change()
If CheckBox1.Value Then
Sheet2.CheckBox1.Value = True
Sheet3.CheckBox1.Value = True
Sheet2.CheckBox1.Value = False
Sheet3.CheckBox1.Value = False
End If
End Sub

Good Luck : - 

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8/18/2004 9:42:35 PM

Worksheet  CheckBox     Property(Linked Cell)
---------  ---------    ---------------------
Sheet1     CheckBox1    Sheet1!A1
Sheet2     CheckBox1    Sheet1!A1
Sheet3     CheckBox1    Sheet1!A1

Soo Cheon Jheong
_ _
^ ^

exceler (34)
8/19/2004 12:01:41 AM
Thanks rc!  This is what I am going to try first.  I have a master
form that must fill in identical forms behind it so I dont think that
the link to cell option would work here.  It looks like your solution
is what I need.  I'll let you know.
8/19/2004 12:26:56 PM
Ok... It worked great.  If you don't mind me asking, how do you link
textboxes in the same way.  I have comment boxes that need to transfer
to other pages in my workbook?
Thanks for the help.
8/19/2004 8:58:29 PM

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