Keep phone number fomatting from excel to print on WORD labels

With an older version of Microsoft Office when phone numbers in excel were 
formatted (555) 555-5555 and you mail merged them to a WORD label the 
formatting printed on to the label.  The new version of these programs just 
types the numbers of 5555555555 without the ( ) and the -.
I would like the formatting of the excel file to transfer to the WORD labels.
Theiler (1)
10/16/2005 9:52:01 PM
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If you format a cell as Special >  Phone number and enter 1234567890 it will 
display as : (123) 456-7890

When the cell is copied and pasted into Word the formatting is preserved.
Gary''s Student

"Thelma Theiler" wrote:

> With an older version of Microsoft Office when phone numbers in excel were 
> formatted (555) 555-5555 and you mail merged them to a WORD label the 
> formatting printed on to the label.  The new version of these programs just 
> types the numbers of 5555555555 without the ( ) and the -.
> I would like the formatting of the excel file to transfer to the WORD labels.
GarysStudent (1572)
10/16/2005 10:09:02 PM
Debra Dalgleish posted this to a similar question:

There's an article on the Microsoft web site that might help you:

Answer Box: Numbers don't merge right in Word

And if you prefer the old Mail Merge helper, Word MVP Suzanne Barnhill 
has instructions here:

about half way down the page.

Another way is to cheat!

Use a helper cell with a formula like:
=text(a1,"(000) 000-0000")
and copy down

This will be treated like text in your mail merge.

Thelma Theiler wrote:
> With an older version of Microsoft Office when phone numbers in excel were
> formatted (555) 555-5555 and you mail merged them to a WORD label the
> formatting printed on to the label.  The new version of these programs just
> types the numbers of 5555555555 without the ( ) and the -.
> I would like the formatting of the excel file to transfer to the WORD labels.


Dave Peterson
petersod (12004)
10/17/2005 12:47:16 AM

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