Inconsistent conditional formatting

Hi all
Office XP service pack 2 (pack 3 not yet installed)

I have a workbook that contains cells that are subject to conditional

By way of example, Condition 1 of cell Q9 is set to

If I select cell Q9 and then from the menu bar select
Format/Conditional Formatting, then Condition 1 changes to:

If I click on "OK", and then repeat the process, then it reverts back to

It seems to alternate.

When this sort of thing happens generally, my first thoughts are
1) Circular referencing?
2) Manual recalculation?
3) Iteration switched on?

I have checked these and note that :
Iteration is not switched on
Calculation is set to fully automatic
No "Circ" warning message is displayed.

Is this a bug in Excel that might be solved by Service Pack 3?
Is it likely that the workbook is in some way corrupt?
Or finally
Is there something in the formulae that could be creating this effect?
If the last, any ideas about how to go looking for it?


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I would guess that at some stage you changed the name of range LCharit
(which produces the #REF)  to L_Charity

Message posted from

4/6/2004 11:34:24 AM
Thanks for that.  My post contained a misprint, sorry. L_Charity never got
changed.  Only references to specific cells got alternated between the cell
ref and #REF!

"BrianB >" <<> wrote in message
> I would guess that at some stage you changed the name of range LCharity
> (which produces the #REF)  to L_Charity.
> ---
> Message posted from

mind-the-gap (250)
4/6/2004 11:59:08 AM

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