IF COUNTIF & COUNTA on Filtered Visible Cells #3

Hi Aladin,

Thank you for assistance.  Unfortunately, the formula is not retrievin
the correct results.

The formulae below tells me how frequently the ROOMS are being used b
different Groups and how long they have not used them. The formula
works ok on non-filtered data but when I use Autofilter the results ar
not as they should be, because the results also include the non-filtere
data rather than just the Filtered Visible Cells.

Using the Formulae below, I can obtain the required data from th
Columns in a non-filtered state.

Column T:

Column U (helper column):

Column V:
Text Data

Further help appreciated.


Aladin Akyurek Wrote:
> If you're trying to count the occurrences of a certain text in V whic
> is part of an AutoFilter'ed range....
> =SUMPRODUCT(SUBTOTAL(3,OFFSET(Vrange,ROW(Vrange)-MIN(ROW(Vrange)),,1)),--(Vrange="Rome"))
> would calculate the frequency of occurrence of "Rome" in Vrange, th
> range in column V in the area subjected to AutoFilter

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