I'm searching for a previous post

I have had trouble finding a previous post, so I thought I'd search by this 
1/25/2010 10:36:06 PM
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I'm not sure how you're looking, but I use google to search groups.


Give it enough information (you as the author, maybe a keyword or date) and
you'll find it.

New2Macros wrote:
> I have had trouble finding a previous post, so I thought I'd search by this
> one...


Dave Peterson
1/25/2010 11:16:43 PM
type in your user name in the search for box and hit go

"New2Macros" wrote:

> I have had trouble finding a previous post, so I thought I'd search by this 
> one...
1/26/2010 3:24:01 AM
Click on this link to see your previous posts:


Hope this helps.


On Jan 25, 10:36=A0pm, New2Macros <New2Mac...@discussions.microsoft.com>
> I have had trouble finding a previous post, so I thought I'd search by th=
> one...

1/26/2010 9:34:08 AM

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In the last couple of weeks I have been fighting with different ways o synching my laptop and my home pc. I have ended up with numerou duplicate entries, duplicate address books and duplicate contact lists ALL of my questions/problems I was able to resolve simply by searchin through the forums. Chances are if you have a problem you're not th first. There are some really good people on these forums that know alo more about Outlook than I do. Just my .02 Thank ----------------------------------------------- ~~ Message posted from http://www.ExcelTip.com ~~View and post usenet messages dir...

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I have a form that has two fields in it. The first field is for a ID number, and the other is for the projects name. I am having a problem with using the form for as a search tool. Some of the values are duplicates in the drop down, I wanted to know how to properly filter the combo box so that the values can only be seen once. The Row Source is the name of the table that the fields are from, however this only words for the ID combo box and not the project name one. For some reason the values are from the ID column in the project name's combo box as well. To counter this problem, I si...

Is it possible to search on the results on a cell? For example, a cell may have a formula such as =3+5 You can search and find the 3 or the 5. The cell with show 8, is it possible to search for an 8 and have it find this cell? TIA Yes. In the Search dialog, choose Options and select Look in Values. -- Kind Regards, Niek Otten Microsoft MVP - Excel "berj" <berj@adelphia.net> wrote in message news:WbednSOFT7Cbp57fRVn-1Q@adelphia.com... > Is it possible to search on the results on a cell? > > For example, a cell may have a formula such as > > =3+5 >...

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Good Morning: I am in the middle of an email audit and I am trying to do searches that meet certain guidelines. An example of a search would be: The searches are like this Frequent within 10 words of Trad* Excessive with in 10 words of Employee Any help would be great. Cheers Darren ...

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Hi, I need assistance in creating a multiple field search box, i have a screen shot but i couldn't find a way to include it in this message. I have been battling with this problem for weeks. the search box was created in foxpro, i'm trying to create a similar search box in ms access 2003. it searches only one table so each table has a search box for it. Here is a description for the search box for the community table which is one of the tables in the database. It has a drop down list that selects all the fields in the table such as area code for the community, community code, and com...