How to make a formula with < or> in a cell

I am trying to make a formula that does this:

If the amount of L2 is less than $25, times it by .052; if the amount of L2 
is $25 or above, times it by .01

8/19/2005 5:36:02 AM
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"RickyBubbalu" wrote:

> I am trying to make a formula that does this:
> If the amount of L2 is less than $25, times it by .052; if the amount of L2 
> is $25 or above, times it by .01
Rowan (114)
8/19/2005 5:41:03 AM
an alternative with no IF




(remove nothere from the email address if mailing direct)

"Rowan" <> wrote in message
> Try
> =IF(L2<25,L2*0.52,L2*0.1)
> Regards
> Rowan
> "RickyBubbalu" wrote:
> > I am trying to make a formula that does this:
> >
> > If the amount of L2 is less than $25, times it by .052; if the amount of
> > is $25 or above, times it by .01
> >

bob.phillips1 (6510)
8/19/2005 10:07:55 AM

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