How do you keep a 3-digit number starting with a "0" (ie. 058)

How do you keep a 3-digit number starting with a "0" (ie. 058)?  
Jason4159 (666)
12/5/2004 9:15:08 PM
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Use a custom number format of 000.

Chip Pearson
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Pearson Software Consulting, LLC

"Jason" <> wrote in message
> How do you keep a 3-digit number starting with a "0" (ie. 058)? 

chip1 (1821)
12/5/2004 9:17:54 PM
format the cell with the custom format

Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany

"Jason" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> How do you keep a 3-digit number starting with a "0" (ie. 058)?

frank.kabel (11126)
12/5/2004 9:20:21 PM
On Sun, 5 Dec 2004 13:15:08 -0800, "Jason" <>

>How do you keep a 3-digit number starting with a "0" (ie. 058)?  

Several methods:

1.  Enter it as TEXT:  '058  (note the initial apostrophe).
2.  Format/Cells/Number Custom  Type: 000
3.  =TEXT(A1,"000")
4.  First format the cell as TEXT, then enter 058

ronrosenfeld (3122)
12/5/2004 9:39:20 PM
If the numbers are actually TEXT and you don't intend to do any math on
them(like part numbers for instance), just format the cells for TEXT or use
a leading apostrophe when entering them.

Vaya con Dios,
Chuck, CABGx3

"Jason" <> wrote in message
> How do you keep a 3-digit number starting with a "0" (ie. 058)?

croberts (1377)
12/5/2004 11:24:10 PM

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