How do I perform operations within a funtion that operates on colu

I am trying to calculate the % of people under a certain age.  In the 
COUNTIF() funtion, how do I calculate the age and then compare it to the 
chosen value?
e.x.  =COUNTIF(A1:A3,(calculate age) <=60)


crander8 (1)
11/29/2004 9:35:13 PM
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COUNTIF has its limits. Here are 2 ways:


Atlanta, GA

>-----Original Message-----
>I am trying to calculate the % of people under a certain 
age.  In the 
>COUNTIF() funtion, how do I calculate the age and then 
compare it to the 
>chosen value?
>e.x.  =COUNTIF(A1:A3,(calculate age) <=60)
11/29/2004 9:49:05 PM

"Jason Morin" wrote:

> COUNTIF has its limits. Here are 2 ways:
> =SUMPRODUCT(--(DATEDIF(A1:A3,TODAY(),"y")<=60))
> Jason
> Atlanta, GA
> >-----Original Message-----
> >I am trying to calculate the % of people under a certain 
> age.  In the 
> >COUNTIF() funtion, how do I calculate the age and then 
> compare it to the 
> >chosen value?
> >e.x.  =COUNTIF(A1:A3,(calculate age) <=60)
> >
> >7/14/1932
> >4/28/1951
> >11/11/1939
> >
> >
> >.
> >
crander (1)
11/29/2004 10:13:02 PM
one way:


for the usage of -- in SUMPRODUCT formulae, see

In article <>,
 "crander8" <> wrote:

> I am trying to calculate the % of people under a certain age.  In the 
> COUNTIF() funtion, how do I calculate the age and then compare it to the 
> chosen value?
> e.x.  =COUNTIF(A1:A3,(calculate age) <=60)
> 7/14/1932
> 4/28/1951
> 11/11/1939
jemcgimpsey (6723)
11/29/2004 10:15:03 PM

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