How do I perform a Monte Carlo simulation in Excel?

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2/26/2005 7:03:04 PM
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What a large topic. Can you be more specific?
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2/26/2005 7:10:20 PM
Pedro Fragoso Pires  -

Build some kind of spreadsheet model with some uncertain inputs and an 
output that depends on those uncertain inputs.

If you want to only use Excel's built-in features, use RAND and 
transformations of RAND to provide random values for the uncertain inputs. 
Use Excel's Data Table command to recalculate inputs and collect 
corresponding output values. Summarize the output values using Excel's 
Descriptive Statistics and Histogram data analysis tools, or use Excel's 
worksheet functions and Chart Wizard.

If you want to use an Excel add-in to handle most of those tasks (after you 
have built your own model), you could try my RiskSim add-in, with tryout 
version and manual available from the "Download Free Tryout" page at

Or, use Crystal Ball from or @Risk from

-  Mike 

middleton1 (108)
2/26/2005 11:30:04 PM

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