How Do I Integrate?

I have a spreadsheet of about 100 data points of independent variables and 
matching values for dependent variables.  I want to integrate the resulting 
curve to find the area underneath.  How do I do this?
Myles1 (3)
1/18/2006 2:25:02 PM
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To calculate the area under a curve, you can use


Where your x values are in A2:A100, and your Y values are in B2:B100.  This is
an approximate method for finding the area under the curve, summing the area
of the trapezoids defined by pairs of points (and the points along the x

MS Excel MVP

"Myles" <> wrote in message
>I have a spreadsheet of about 100 data points of independent variables and
> matching values for dependent variables.  I want to integrate the resulting
> curve to find the area underneath.  How do I do this? 

1/18/2006 2:56:08 PM
see my Tip&Tricks site for more details

Bernard V Liengme
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"Myles" <> wrote in message
>I have a spreadsheet of about 100 data points of independent variables and
> matching values for dependent variables.  I want to integrate the 
> resulting
> curve to find the area underneath.  How do I do this? 

bliengme5824 (3040)
1/18/2006 3:09:06 PM

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