How do I create a query field in Excel

I have a sheet with 9000 part numbers on it. Is there a way of say at the top 
of the sheet having some sort of search box, so I can type in the part# and 
it goes straight to that part?

Sean9204 (160)
7/20/2005 7:27:10 PM
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Method1: Using the Filter feature.
-select a cell in the data
-goto menu Data>Filter>AutoFilter
- now your data header has dopdown boxes. From the part# header select the 
part#. This will make all show only rows with this part#

-Select column Part#
- menu Edit >Find

Method 3: with code
- In a code module, paste the following sub FindAndGo
  Also change the 'CHANGE HERE' section to fit your particular case
   Sub FindAndGo()
       Dim rgEntry, rgPart As Range, rg As Range
       '---   CHANGE HERE    -----
       Set rgEntry = Range("C1")  'value to search for
       Set rgPart = Range("A:A")  'range of Part# to search
       'Find it and go there
       Set rg = Range("A:A").Find(What:=rgEntry.Value, LookIn:=xlValues, _
       If Not rg Is Nothing Then
          Application.Goto Reference:=Application.ConvertFormula( _
              rg.Address, xlA1, xlR1C1, True), scroll:=True
       End If
   End Sub

- in the above code, the searched value is in C1
  Next to this cell, add a button from the Forms toolbar
  Right Click the button and choose Assign Macro from the pop-up menu. 
Choose the FindAndGo macro from the list
Now enter a value in C1 and click the button. If the value exists, you'll be 
sent to the corresponding cell.

"Sean" wrote:

> I have a sheet with 9000 part numbers on it. Is there a way of say at the top 
> of the sheet having some sort of search box, so I can type in the part# and 
> it goes straight to that part?
> Thanks
sebastienm (26)
7/20/2005 7:47:01 PM

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