highlight color using keyboard(shortcut)

Could you please tell me how to use keyboard (short cut) to highligh
color for any cell or row in excell without moving a mouse to color ta
in tool bar menue.  

Thank you for your help


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11/12/2003 7:13:38 AM
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Fairly long key sequence to do it through the menu, rather 
impractical... my suggestion is to record a marco and 
assign it a keyboard shortcut.

Nikos Y.(nyannaco at in dot gr)
>-----Original Message-----
>Could you please tell me how to use keyboard (short cut) 
to highlight
>color for any cell or row in excell without moving a 
mouse to color tab
>in tool bar menue.  
>Thank you for your help
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anonymous (74723)
11/12/2003 9:34:31 AM

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