Having trouble with extra rows at the bottom of the doc

How do I delete the extra rows at the bottom of a doc.

I have inherited a document that has 60 rows of data and 3682 rows of empty cells that have the boarder set.
When I select and delete them, new ones reappear. I have turned the cell boards off and it still creates empty
cells with the boarder.

Is there any way to delete these rows?


11/6/2003 5:21:16 PM
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Are you selecting and then deleting and then saving?


andy.j.brown (443)
11/6/2003 6:39:38 PM

Excel has a habit of retaining "used" cells way beyond where you are currently

On a worksheet hit CRTL + END to see where you wind up.

If far below and to the right of your real used range then select the row
below where your real used range is and SHIFT + END + DownArrow.  This selects
all rows to the bottom of the sheet.  Edit>Delete>Entire Row.

Do the same for columns to the right of your range.

Repeat on all sheets.

Important step now.........SAVE the workbook.  In some cases it may be prudent
to also CLOSE after Saving then re-open.

There are other ways to reset the used range.  Debra Dalgleish has some code
at her website.


Gord Dibben   XL2002

On Thu, 6 Nov 2003 09:21:16 -0800, "Ken Carpenter"
<kencarpenter@soleocommunications.com> wrote:

>How do I delete the extra rows at the bottom of a doc.
>I have inherited a document that has 60 rows of data and 3682 rows of empty cells that have the boarder set.
>When I select and delete them, new ones reappear. I have turned the cell boards off and it still creates empty
>cells with the boarder.
>Is there any way to delete these rows?

11/6/2003 6:51:39 PM

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