Formulas #6

I have a problem right here. When I want to create an individual list
(Sheet2) from the master data list (sheet1), the link does not follow
in accordance to the master list after I copy & paste in   Sheet2. If
the individual list's range(Sheet2) is (A4:M49), (A50:M95),
(A96:M141)...almost 100 of if, and the linkage is as below:

Sheet1      Link to      Sheet2
(Master)                   (Individual)  
A4                  -              F5
B4                  -              D8            
C4                  -              E8

A5                  -              M5  
B5                  -              K8             
C5                  -              L8  

What should I do in order to make it like this (without typing the
formulas one by one):

A6                  -              F51
B6                  -              D54
C6                  -              E54 

A7                  -              M51  
B7                  -              K54
C7                  -              L54

A8                  -              F97
B8                  -              D100 
C8                  -              E100

A9                  -              M97
B9                  -              K100
C9                  -              L100 

Many Thanks.

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