Exporting XL data

What versions of XL allow you to export data to an XML 
file format?
anonymous (74722)
2/19/2004 7:08:01 PM
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Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany

Bill wrote:
> What versions of XL allow you to export data to an XML
> file format?
frank.kabel (11126)
2/19/2004 7:23:00 PM
Hi Bill
AFAIK introduced with Excel 2003

Frank Kabel
Frankfurt, Germany

Bill wrote:
> What versions of XL allow you to export data to an XML
> file format?
frank.kabel (11126)
2/19/2004 7:23:23 PM
I've never used it, but there's a:  XML Spreadsheet (*.xml) 
under the "save as type" box in the file|saveAs dialog in xl2002.

Frank Kabel wrote:
> Hi Bill
> AFAIK introduced with Excel 2003
> --
> Regards
> Frank Kabel
> Frankfurt, Germany
> Bill wrote:
> > What versions of XL allow you to export data to an XML
> > file format?


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
2/20/2004 1:56:08 AM
xml spreadsheet (xmlss) also uses a built in excel schema that will hold all the information that excel needs to open the files again exactly as saved this will add many elements to your xml file --- that is why 2003 , as Frank suggested, will be the way to go if you just want to save it to pure xml (save as XML data) 
anonymous (74722)
2/20/2004 6:41:09 PM

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