Entries disappear after inputting data

I have created a room Calendar with Excel...as I make entries for the 
repsective days and I then hit the Enter key to input the data...it just 
disappears.  This doesn't happen all the time just periodically.

This is not a template, spreadsheet from scratch.  Nothing fancy, just a 
straight forward Calendar/Room spreadsheet, no formulas, etc.

Any assistance greatly appreciated,

Mel1 (144)
8/8/2005 12:39:20 PM
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Sometimes the font is set to the same color as the background (e.g., white 
on white).  Check the formatting of the cells first.

"Mel" wrote:

> I have created a room Calendar with Excel...as I make entries for the 
> repsective days and I then hit the Enter key to input the data...it just 
> disappears.  This doesn't happen all the time just periodically.
> This is not a template, spreadsheet from scratch.  Nothing fancy, just a 
> straight forward Calendar/Room spreadsheet, no formulas, etc.
> Any assistance greatly appreciated,
> Mel
galimi (74)
8/8/2005 2:29:05 PM

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