Dragging in values from on table to another...

Hi guys can you help me?

I am struggling with a slow spreadsheet

I use aprox 250 Vlookup formula to drag through information from 
sheet to display in a formatted sheet, this makes re-calc a 'cup of te
and cookies' task....as I am now getting fat off cookies, can yo
explain if VBA would be a lot quicker and how I would go about it?

This is the current state of play:-

Sheet Range Called 'QuestionData' is as follows

45012                 Apples                 Green               
49018                 Oranges              Orange               Round
85221                 Pear                    Greenish           

and the formatted table is:

Column A         Column B  etc....

Number            Colour                                      
85221               =vlookup(A1,QuestionData,3,FALSE)

(Sorry if the example tables are not clear)

Is there a way (using VBA) 

I can say.....

Lookup A1 in 'Formatted Table', search Question Data and Find Vaule
Copy associated column A to 'Formated Table' B

Move to next values in Formatted table and search Question Data an
Find Vaule
Copy associated column A to next row in 'Formated Table' B

keep looping till row (3000)

end Sub

(It would also need to move to the next value if value does not exis
in the table called 'Question Data' as some values although hav
numbers do not have details........yet, as they are added to th
'Question Data' the script would pick them up the next time it wa

Sorry 'Bout the psuedo, pig latin type dummy code...but hopefully yo
see what I mean???

All the best


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