Deleting Records based on criterion

I know about advanced filters and filtering out records 
based on a criterion.

But if I wanted to use the approach of deleting the 
records that don't match a criterion, how would I go about 
this in Excel?

I would rather not use a macro for this unless its the 
only way.


broberson (13)
9/18/2003 2:19:14 PM
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After you do your Autofilter (or in-place Advanced Filter) only the rows to
be deleted will be visible. Select these rows (you only need to select one
column) and do an Edit, Delete Row.  Click Ok to the confirming prompt.
Only the visible rows will be deleted (Excel is pretty smart<g>) just as you

Jim Rech
Excel MVP

jrrech (1933)
9/18/2003 3:55:49 PM

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