Date query "Excel VBA"

Is there anyway i can use vba code to create a user input box on a sale
worksheet that will filter the sales orders and only display the order
that equal the date entered into the input box by the end user.

I am already using the autofilter feature but would like to take it on
step further and make it easier for the admin clerk. 


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8/4/2004 7:38:04 AM
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You didn't like yesterday's suggestion????

"avilla <" wrote:
> Is there anyway i can use vba code to create a user input box on a sales
> worksheet that will filter the sales orders and only display the orders
> that equal the date entered into the input box by the end user.
> I am already using the autofilter feature but would like to take it one
> step further and make it easier for the admin clerk.
> Thank-You
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Dave Peterson
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8/4/2004 10:53:53 PM

Sorry, have not been on the forum for a couple of days and did not see
the post. Had a look and before giving it at try it looks exactly what
i have been trying to acheive.

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8/13/2004 12:58:55 PM

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